That Time I Drove To Pennsylvania to Play Music


A couple of weekends ago, I set out on my only planned road trip of 2015 to play music....up to what I assumed was middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. And while I certainly drove past many abandoned gas stations and cute, eclectic roadside diners....Selinsgrove is actually quite an impressive place.... mountains and cow fields that back up to neighborhoods that surround the local shopping choices of panera, starbucks, applebees, and target. :o)

I met Pastor Bob last year at Wild Goose Festival.... he was in the tent next to the cute boy I wrote that catchy song about, and definitely within the family of "neighbors" from that weekend. We stayed in touch through social media over the last year and as I looked to do some sort of trip this fall, we reconnected and he invited me to his church, Sharon Lutheran. I shared in morning worship and then did a "house concert" with some local youth; we ate pizza and took over the coffeehouse area at a local university. Imagine the burly male students who showed up with the expectation of watching Sunday night football finding instead..... me and my guitar. :o) Poor fellas.

Amy Cox Susquehanna University.jpg


And other than the fact that the moment I drove across the state line my seasonal allergies waged ALL OUT WAR on my unsuspecting sinuses, it was a beautiful trip up the coast, to get to know the Doll family, be among the autumn foliage, and share with students. This past year has been so focused on making friends and establishing roots, that I forgot how much joy I find in travel and adventure.....on my way home I drove through just a small piece of Gettysburg, to embrace a bit of history before I rolled back into Reston right on time for the next meeting.  I'm going to have to figure out how to make these trips happen with more frequency next year........maybe just settle for one big trip driving to Alaska?