Shrek the Musical

As I sat in the Massapanox High School's drama room on a steamy night in early June, I had the strongest sense of time traveling back to high school circa the early 00's. Except all the faces were new and this director seemed 100% less likely to throw things (like chairs and chalk) and become red faced from screaming..... so a safe and calm blast from the past.


It has been almost accidental that I've become involved in Community Theatre here in the Fredericksburg area... but with evenings free and the desire to meet other creative people...somehow the auditions and performance schedules have lined up and the commitment of a month or two has been short enough to fit in the midst of current traveling and gigging. I was a part of Stage Door's One Act Festival back in April and enjoyed being around creative folks with a passion for the Arts.

And so here we are in the midst of Shrek rehearsals. I feel delighted, challenged, and extremely rusty. Drama was just about all I did in high school with three major productions a year, numerous competitions, and participating in a highly competitive critics program (think Tonys at the high school level). But it's been more than a decade now.... and I adore how much this is stretching me, reminding me what it is to be silly and over the top.

I am playing the chubby character of Tweedle Dee (not to be confused with Tweedle Dum of which there is not one in this show :o). As one of the numerous fairy tale characters, I get repeatedly kicked out of places, first the land of Duloc, then the swamp.... it's a rough life we lead. I will also be one of the 3 Blind Mice, a figment of Donkey's imagination in the song, "Make a Move".

Shows are July 23, 24, 25, and 26 at 7pm and a matinee on the 26 at 2pm..... at Massaponax High School (8201 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA 22407). Come see the green ogre, the donkey, fiona, pinochio, and the jersey witch.... it is fantastically fun. AND this cast has some pretty amazing people in it.