Lion and Lamb Festival 2014

Lion and Lamb Festival 2014. It. Happened. For a second time. Whew! A weekend of challenge, inspiration, and amazing people spread out over a field in the middle of Fort Wayne in breezy, sunny Indiana summer weather.

Rather than give a run down synopsis or play by play, I say this.  Lion and Lamb felt a bit like coming home.  Familiar faces mixed in with the new.  Hugs and catching up interspersed with hellos and introductions.  Community and conversations and shared much goodness, beauty, and Jesus.

Amy Cox Lion and Lamb 2014.jpg

I adored getting to have Madison on the cello with me Saturday night.  She somehow has the superhero power of making those around her much more efficient. The day and a half we spent together pre-Lion and Lamb, we had multiple rehearsals and I ended up everywhere I needed to be....EARLY. She is clearly awesome.


It was a special time to reconnect and share with many midwest friends.  I debuted "Lovers Never Known" and shared about San Diego and the border.  There were moments even in the crowd of hundreds that I could hear a familiar friend's laughter....thanks Peggy!


Most of the weekend passed in a quick blur of music and people and conversations.  Quite peaceful to be led in worship Sunday morning, an opportunity for all of us to be still, sing together, and share in communion. Many, many thanks to all those who contributed, participated, and came out to Lion and Lamb this year..... a beautiful and set apart time at the table.