I Killed My First Bird

It was beautiful Saturday morning. Warm and sunny and definitely spring like. I was on my way up to Maryland to work on artwork for the album with my cousin Jeff, but I took a quick moment to change the license plates on my car to the newly acquired Virginia plates...it was when I walked around to the front that I saw the little guy... wedged in the front grill.... My first roadkill. It was bound to happen. I spend my days on the road dodging suicidal squirrels and flocks of sea gulls, swallows, you name it. In the evening I continually scan the edges of the road for any signs that deer may be questioning the safety of oncoming lights. 

Few things break my heart more than the unsuspecting animal laying by the side of the road. I change the channel whenever I hear a Sarah Mclachlan tune start up and I cannot stand to hear the war stories of fellow travelers. So I did what any 30 year old does. I asked my dad to take care of it, started crying, and waited for the evidence to be gone as I sniffled off to the side. And then I spent the next two hours of driving sad and morose.

Odds are high this will happen again.....especially since just this morning I stopped and waited for a squirrel to decide which side of the road he wanted to be on.....