Debauchery in New Orleans

New Orleans. The place where debauchery comes out to play. Or at least that's the adjective three people used within a 24 hour period of time when I mentioned we were headed there. But let's face it, it's a fun word to say. Unlike the word one likes moist. This trip is two parts get me to Arizona and one part check off Dad's bucket list. Today's item: take a picture on Bourbon Street. So from Alabama we drove down through Mississippi and into Louisiana. My friend Joe recommended that we stop by the Cafe du Monde for a beignet and a coffee which despite not knowing what a beignet is, sounded amazing and cultured and all things I long to be.



And come to find out a beignet is: FUNNEL CAKE DISGUISED AS A DOUGHNUT!!!! It's a fried doughnut covered in a thick layer of powered sugar. And that my friends is a life changer. Throw in some cafe au lait, or as my dad ordered "coffee with cream" (#facepalm #dadgoals), and you have a recipe of delicious. Add in the New Orleans humidity and the crazy hodgepodge of people....and there are no more words.



So coffee was the first stop, then we headed to explore Bourbon Street and made sure to take Dad's picture by the street sign:



Then we wandered between shops, art galleries, and taking in the eclectic and overstimulating sights and sounds of New Orleans. In every direction was a new character, a bar with live was stimulation overload and we were only there in the late afternoon!! At one point, I heard a clunk behind me and looked down to find a strand of purple beads on the ground. I considered it my gift from New Orleans and slipped them debauchery necessary this trip!


We spent some time walking along the riverfront watching the various boats, people, streetcars, and trains pass by. We found the Monument to the Immigrant in honor of all those who came through New Orleans. Turns out, my Great Aunt Marion's family came through New Orleans. It was a reminder that each of us has an immigrant story....and there is so much more to mine than I even know.


We headed out of town as the sun set beautifully over the buildings...on to Houston for some space and time travel…