Behind the Scenes: Getting Ready for the Pop Up Market

Playing the Holiday Pop Up Market in downtown Fort Wayne at the end of November was incredibly fun and a beautiful day to spend among other creative people.  But it was also a lot of work! Sitting down in the Murphy living room with an abstract idea of "a small project" led to hours of scheming, creating, and trips to hobby lobby.  But the end result of mostly borrowed items, was a warm, cozy, and inviting set.  I adored it.

Backdrop with branches and lights.jpg

We started with an old shag rug rolled up in the garage and Brendan's lighting trellis to feel out the curtains and lights.  A flat sheet with a cherry blossom pattern became the main backdrop.  Two sets of netted Christmas lights and a floor spotlight added so much to the warmth.  Two silver buckets originally from Rachel and Brendan's wedding arrangements held branches from a recently disabled tree from their backyard. And an LED candle put into a lantern from their three seasons room added a pop of light in the front.

We did the initial set up Saturday night with a growing list of to-dos in a couple of days times.  The Bentons were able to help in the making of a logo Sunday, which meant by Monday night my name was printed on foam board!!! How awesome is that? I cut it out with a pretty dull exacto knife...I'll know better next time.

Amy Cox Logo Foam Board.jpg

Why sleep when you can watch Amy cut foam board in your garage?

girls princess dress.jpg

And so with a borrowed photography backdrop stand, and some brown sheer curtains of mine, we threw in a stool, a guitar case, and a side table and we were done!  We didn't have any fishing line at the time, so the name went up with some rope to give us a better idea of the finished product!

mock up garage amy cox backdrop.jpg

On one hand, I could have just shown up the day of, with my guitar and sound system and played some music.  But having the backdrop and lights set apart our little space and was a perfect addition for winter wonderland music.  It took so many different people to make it all happen.... I am thankful for each and everyone of them!

amy cox and andrew schneider holiday market.jpg