4th of July, Hipster Living, and Crystal Visits

Somehow, in some brilliant act of sorcery....or in the lingering effects of Hurricane Arthur, the normally awful humid and unbearably hot weather of Colonial Beach took a break over the July 4th weekend and we enjoyed three days of breezy, balmy beauty.  Perfect for sitting outside and wandering around town. July 4th is my favorite holiday. It also happens to be my dad's birthday. There are parties, cakes, fireworks.... what is. not to. love? We tend to invite friends and family to the Cox/Nilson compound, content to spend the day eating BBQ and catching up.  This year, I ACTUALLY had local friends to invite.... that sounds lame...but most years I'm merely visiting from whatever place my vagabond travels have led me. This year, Colonial Beach is where I call home, and apparently I've been here long enough to make friends from trivia nights, community theater, and other such awesomeness.  My good friend Lorrie-Anne made the trip down from Northern Virginia as well!!!

And joy of all joys, Colorado friend, Crystal came for the weekend!! The last time I saw her was when she was dancing the afternoon away at her own wedding.  I had flown out to Colorado, acquired a tooth infection, and was high on vicodin. That was two years ago!! She and the hubby recently moved to North Carolina with the army and so it was an easy jaunt up I-95 for her (well....easy after she found her keys she left at the gym and after she got lost in the Raleigh area!)


Crystal and I had many an adventure during our year as friends....we went to Salt Lake CityBishop's Castle, and Frozen Dead Guy Days, among others.  She is one of the most laid back traveling companions I have found; a quieter (well, than me!), encouraging soul. We actually met at New Life Church, attending a church orientation night. I plopped down next to her, asked her name, and then promptly asked her to be my friend.... apparently this is a trend of mine!!


We spent Saturday morning as hipsters; eating chicken and waffles at Foode, coffee from Hyperion, strolling the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market, and making our way along the Sunken Road....part of the Fredericksburg Battlefield, circa the Civil War.  I am always amazed by how these places of such bloodshed and destruction, stand so peacefully in memorial.  We stopped at the statue of the Angel of Marye's Heights, which celebrates the legend of a confederate soldier who when he could no longer stand the mindless slaughter of the oncoming Union soldiers, moved about the wounded in the field, offering water to those laying in the sun.


In the midst of such gorgeous, mild weather, I saw once again how beautiful Colonial Beach is.  It's hard to remember when the sweat is dripping and the bugs are swarming. But we were able to take Crystal for a leisurely golf cart ride around town, and after dinner, we watched the sunset over Monroe Bay before heading down to the Tiki Bar at Dockside for drinks, fireworks over the river, and a slightly bad cover band.....country boys singing rap.... no good for anyone.



It takes a long time to become old friends.... I am thankful for a few days with Crystal, to catch up and be at ease with one another. Mitch is the only one who was unhappy with the situation. He loved a bed thrown together on the floor of the shed....until Crystal got in it. I woke up to one very unhappy kitty in the morning, tucked in close to my face. Oh well, by the time she left....he may have almost liked her. :o)